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What's been happening in July

July has been an extremely busy month at Chabad.
Sorry for not posting regularly as we were very busy with Camp Gan Israel.

See here for pictures of July's activity.

Come tour the new building

Thanks to Frank, we invite you to join us for a virtual video tour of the upper & lower levels. At this stage you can already see where many of the internal walls are going to be. Walk through the Pre-school, mikva and Youth recreation hall. See the school classrooms, offices, mezzanine, and even peer down into the main auditorium. From this videowe can begin to get an idea of how the finished building will look.

Progress report

At this point we are ahead of schedule by several weeks, thanks to the great weather. If this continues, we should finish the roof and windows by the end of June. After this it is not long until the siding will be installed thereby fully enclosing the structure to allow progress to continue regardless of inclement weather.

Keep up to date with developments by seeing the latest building pictures

Lower and Upper level concrete poured

Click here for pictures of pouring the floor of the upper and lower levels.

Arial veiw

Click here to get a birds eye veiw of the building.

How the Taractor got out of the basement

Hey kids,
Click here to see how the tractor got out of the basement!

Did  you guess that this was the solution? 

Decking the Upper Level

These steel decking sheets will have concrete poured onto them to create the floor of the upper level.

What's going on in the Lower Level?

Wondering what is happening underground while our attention is on the rapid erection of the steel frame?

Click and see for yourself!  

First Floor Installed - (video)

The pre-cast concrete floor has been installed.
see pictures, or watch video 

Frank says "Keep Shabbos"

Don't miss this sign as you put on your hard hat, safety vest and steel toed boots, and prepare to work on the new Jewish Learning Centre.

Hey kids, Can you figure this out?

Look at these pictures of the basement walls. You can see the wood coming down revealing the concrete walls of the basement.

Can you figure out how we plan to get the tractors out of the basement? (You can use the comment feature to let us know your suggestions.)
Well, the answer has been posted, 
Click here to see how the tractor got out of the basement! 

Arial veiw

Come up and look down at our progress.

Construction Observation Report #1

By Tim Hawkins, C.E.T.
Hanuschak Consultants Incororated 
Tuesday, March 23, 2010


1. Piling complete.

 2. Mikvah base slab has been poured with Key and waterstop in place. Forming and reinforcing underway for Mikvah walls – all appears to be in accordance with structural drawings. Excavation shored at Mikvah.

 3. Forming underway for east side foundation walls.

 4. Site noted to be nice and dry.



See latest pictures here.

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Big machines, noise, smoke... building the Jewish Learning Centre!

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