You Be the Judge:

An Exhilarating New Exploration of Jewish Civil Law

                                                                                       Beginning February 2009

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You Be the Judge II: An Exhilarating New Exploration of Jewish Civil Law Tuesdays beginning
Feb 10th - Mar 17th
7:30 PM - 9:00 PM $79.00 CAD
$142.20 CAD*
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Audio recording available The above course will be recorded and made available to you if you cannot attend a lesson.

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Additional Notes:

11 CLE Credits 1.8 Ethics. Contact our office for more information at 414-5624 or email Refreshments will be served.




Do you enjoy puzzles and problem-solving? Do you love the give-and-take of thoughtful discussion? Can you use logic and creativity to work your way out of challenging situations? Then this course is for you.

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute’s groundbreaking course, You Be The Judge, presented real cases brought before the beit din, the court system of Jewish Law. We provided the primary texts from the Talmud and asked our students to grapple with the facts in order to arrive at satisfying solutions.

This February, JLI is proud to present You Be The Judge II, a collection of six totally new cases. You need no prior knowledge of the Talmud and no formal legal training. There are no prerequisites other than an open mind.

If you missed You Be The Judge I, we invite you to experience for yourself the exhilarating mental exploration that characterizes traditional Talmud study. And if you took our previous course, be sure not to miss this exciting sequel.



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Lesson 5

Lesson 6

Inheriting the Fruits of Sin

The Accidental Treasure

Will the Real Owner Please Rise?

The Neighbor Advant age

You’re Fired!

The Arm-Twister

Lesson 1: Inheriting the Fruits of Sin

Can murderers inherit from their victims? This act of chutzpah is recorded in the Bible, and still crops up in court today. This lesson compares the approaches of Jewish and secular law to this audacious claim.

Lesson 2: The Accidental Treasure

Your contractor demolishes a bathroom wall and discovers a rusting lockbox containing cash. You had no idea there was money stashed in the wall of your hundred-year-old house, and your home has passed through many hands, making it impossible to determine the original owner. Who gets to enjoy this unexpected windfall?

Lesson 3: Will the Real Owner Please Rise?

You bought and paid for a car, but when you come to pick it up, it is already gone from the showroom. The absentminded salesman sold the same car to two people and is unable to remember to whom he sold it first. Is there any way out of this quagmire?

Lesson 4: The Neighbor Advantage

Jewish law dictates that when a property is sold, the neighbors must be given the first option of purchase. Must one sell to their neighbor if there is a higher bidder? And just who is considered a neighbor in this context?

Lesson 5: You’re Fired!

Under what circumstances can one legally fire an employee? When one terminates employment, is there any ethical obligation to provide severance or compensation?

Lesson 6: The Arm-Twister

An old business partner, who wants to buy your house, threatens to reveal information that could lead to your arrest if you do not sell it to him. If you agree to a sale under duress, is the sale valid and binding?

 Course Endorsements


"Everyone, whether they be a lay person or a judge, often times struggle to do what is just and right. Learning from the great writings of the ages, such as the Talmud, and in courses like the Rohr lectures serve to bring insights to our thinking and help all of us to make sounder judgments."
Alvin Weiss, Retired Judge, New Jersey Superior Court


"As a Professor of Jewish Law and American Legal Theory, I often point to the way in which Jewish civil law incorporates ethics within a distinctly legal framework. JLI's course, You Be The Judge Two, offers a fascinating context for exploring the relationship of law and ethics and shows the unique contribution that the Talmudic system can make to this central issue."
Professor Suzanne Stone, Professor of Law and Director, Center for Jewish Law and Contemporary Civilization at The Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law / Yeshiva University




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