"Torah is our life and the length of our days." -  Prayer Liturgy

As the largest provider of adult Jewish education and community outreach in Winnipeg, JLI’s mission is to make Jewish learning accessible and personally meaningful to every Jew, regardless of background or affiliation. We endeavour to share the warmth of Judaism and the spirit of Chassidic teachings through community wide educational programs.

We are a self-funded charitable organization and depend on the generosity of individual donors like yourself. Your donation really counts. Please support our work ⇒

The Institute offers weekly classes and seasonal thought-provoking lectures, learning retreats and inspiring events, to connect you with your community and with your Jewish soul. Find answers to all of your deepest questions or just a comfortable place to start asking.

All of our instructors have the proper rabbinic credentials and attend professional development programs. Our research-based lessons appeal to people at all levels of knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning.

You know best which area of Jewish study speaks to you most. But if you need a personalized recommendation or a one-on-one study session, our staff is here to help you—every step of the way. Some of our programs are intellectually stimulating, some are emotionally charged, some are hands-on and participatory—but all will move you Jewishly.

Whether you have a question about a specific program or need help in finding something that is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. And remember, if you are ever undecided you can sample the class of your choice - free of charge.

"Taking JLI courses has allowed me to experience what it means to be a Jew in this contemporary world." - Vivian Gutstadt

"To have a place to study, to become steeped in Jewish heritage and customs, and to be allowed to explore one’s roots are things that should be available to everyone." - Earl Barish

"JLI classes have changed my life and continue to bring the Torah to me in ways that relate to my everyday life." - Nora Kaufman

"You think you know about your faith but there is always something new, deeper and amazing about Judaism that you didn't know." - Enid Lyons

"The participatory atmosphere in classes is warm and inclusive, and there is no religious litmus test to register - one only has to be interested." - Henry Trachtenberg

"For 53 years I have craved an opportunity to study Talmudic principles juxtaposed alongside principles of current civil and criminal law. I loved the course and materials." - Hon. Perry Schulman