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Join us for a three-part lecture series presented by the Jewish Learning Institute. Each lecture is followed by a delicious buffet to nourish body, mind and spirit.

Tickets: $25 • Sponsor: $180


SUNDAY, APR 2,  8:00PM


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What does the hard evidence really have to say about the the foundational story of the old testament, the exodus out of Egypt? The award-winning film from Timothy Mahoney unlocks the mystery of this ancient saga, combining a scientific investigation with a retelling of the Exodus story to reveal an amazing pattern of evidence matching the biblical account that may challenge our understanding of history.

I spent 12 years asking the question, “Is the Bible true?” If it wasn’t then what should I put my faith in? What I found was an amazing pattern of evidence that matched many of the events recorded in the Bible. There was a real history that could be seen. For me that changed everything. I encourage you to join me in the ongoing investigation and see the Bible affirming evidence for yourself. –Timothy

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Join us for a virtual archaeological expedition and refutation of the academic critics who deny Israel’s historic connection between the Jewish people and their ancient homeland, by noted biblical archaeological scholar and the Jewish Indiana Jones, Rabbi Avrohom Stolik.

Hidden under thousands of years of dust and debris lies a treasure trove of relics containing the biblical secrets of our nation and the claim to our homeland. In recent years, archaeological discoveries in the ancient city of Jerusalem and throughout the Land of Israel have uncovered key findings that present a powerful and convincing case for the biblical story and for the Jewish claim to Israel—even for those who have a hard time believing. Journey back in time to discover your Israelite roots in the land of our ancestors with this transformative audio-visual presentation.

Rabbi Avrohom Stolik is the founder and director of the Jerusalem Uncovered Institute, as well as director of Chabad in Downtown Coral Gables, Florida. A number of visits to the Holy Land sparked his interest in archaeology. Combining his extensive knowledge of Jewish History with his new passion, he has been lecturing on the topic of biblical archaeology for over a decade, focusing mainly on Jerusalem.

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Join us for an inspiring evening with Emmy Award Nominee and Screenwriter of Blockbuster Hits including Shrek 2, Smurfs and Rugrats, David N. Weiss. From Jewish born, to Christian youth worker, to blockbusting screenwriter with a rich, Torah observant lifestyle, David’s hilarious and moving tale will help you find that at any point and at any time we can all take one step closer to reaching our fullest potential.

David N. Weiss has written for some of Hollywood’s most endearing family films, from Academy AwardTM nominated features, “Shrek 2” & “Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius” to the “Rugrats Movies,” “The Smurfs” (with a record-breaking 7 weeks at #1, world-wide) and “Smurfs 2.” David’s combined box office now exceeds $2.3 billion world-wide — if only he got a percentage, his parents might forgive him for not being a doctor. 

A member of the Motion Picture Academy and former Vice President of the Writer’s Guild of America, Mr. Weiss has traveled the world, teaching and lecturing on writing and religion. He has also written three books for children, including Kay Thompson’s bestseller, “Eloise in Hollywood” (with Mr. Stem, for Simon & Shuster). Mr. Weiss lives in Los Angeles with his wife (Eliana), their children (Channah and Sam), plus 3 cats, 2 birds, a tortoise and Sandy the dog.

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