What is a soul? Where does it go after it departs this world? Do Jews believe in heaven and hell? Can souls communicate with us from the afterlife? How does reincarnation work?

Journey of the Soul explores the mysteries surrounding the spiritual dimension of our existence—our destiny that continues even after we've shed our earth-bound body suit. We examine the transition of the soul into the hereafter, the kinds of legacies that are valued even after we've forsaken this earthly existence, and the accompanying emotional journey and rituals that help the soul and those closest to it prepare for its new reality.

Besides for providing answers to life’s biggest questions, Journey of the Soul will inspire you to remain focused on the parts of life that really matter; it will assist you in becoming more in touch with yourself, with your soul, and with your spiritual dimension; and it will help you discover a newfound relationship with your loved ones who are no longer here with us in body.

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Course Instructor:
Rabbi Shmuly Altein

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What is a soul? Is it possible to expire before our time is up? Is death painful for the soul? How does Judaism define life? How do we reconcile Judaism’s emphasis on the here and now with the eternality of the soul?


Are there benefits to aging? What matters most in life? Realizing that we only live once, what is the best way to utilize the time we have left?


What happens to us when we die? Are souls able to communicate with us from heaven? Do our loved ones in heaven still care about us? What is the significance of the rituals associated with burial? How do these rituals assist the soul's transition into the afterlife?


What is reincarnation? How exactly does it work? Does Judaism believe in ghosts and spirits? Does everyone go to heaven?


Once the soul is in heaven, is it possible for it ascend to new spiritual heights? What can we do to assist the soul in the afterlife? This lesson explores the emotional, spiritual, and practical steps of the grieving process and explains how we can benefit the soul once it's already in the hereafter.


What is the final destination on this voyage? Is death permanent? Does Judaism believe in resurrection? Is it possible that we may one day be reunited with our loved ones?

Accredited for Medical and Mental Health Professionals
Earn up to 7.5 CE AMA, APA, ASWB, or CBBS credits in joint sponsorship with the Washington School of Psychiatry.

Mindy Greenstein, PhD
Clinical Psychologist and Psycho-oncologist, Author of Lighter as We Go: Virtues, Character Strengths, and Aging

Combining ancient wisdom with modern psychological concepts, Journey of the Soul encourages a thoughtful exploration of what can be a very scary but important subject.

Casey Skvorc,

Medical Psychologist, National Institutes of Health

Journey of the Soul examines death—and Jewish life—with an uplifting blend of Torah-based scholarship and contemporary psychological perspectives. Highly recommended, especially for members of the Helping Professions.

Bianca Nogrady
Journalist; Author, The End: The Human Experience of Death

A course such as this has never been more important, at a time when we risk losing sight of the value of death as an opportunity to explore who we are and to connect on a profound level with those we love.