About Camp Gan Israel

The mid-winter school break can be a most difficult time for Jewish kids as they are inundated with symbols from T.V. and the street, that are far from anything of Jewish content.

Gan Israel Winter Camp offers you the perfect solution. Gan Israel’s camp program transforms those very same days into fabulous bouts of fun and excitement in a genuine Jewish atmosphere.


A day in Camp Gan Israel includes spirited rounds of games, swimming, arts & crafts, drama and winter sports. In addition, camp schedules a host of fascinating  and educational trips. The exciting kaleidoscope of activities transforms every day into a truly unique event.

Jewish Consciousness

Most of all, Gan Israel is a real “Jewish” camp!

We combine camp activities with stories, drama and songs, that convey the beauty and love of Jewish life. Campers learn a wealth of information and Judaic skills, and it is taught through fun and enjoyment.

Gan Israel is a place where children grow to love camp and love being Jewish!

The Best

This Winter break, give your child the very best —give your child the experience of  Camp Gan Israel!