Board of Directors

Rabbi Avrohom Altein - Chairperson

Mr. Joseph Cohen

Mr. Rocky Kravetsky

Dr. Gerald Minuk

Mr. Frank Lavitt


Parent Board

Mrs. Andrea Diamante - Chairperson

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Rabbi Avrohom Altein

Rabbi Avrohom Altein has served as senior Rabbi at the Ashkenazie Congregation and at multiple Lubavitch synagogues in Winnipeg. Additionally, he serves as the director of Chabad-Lubavitch in Manitoba since 1972 and is the founder of Oholei Torah Day School, and is currently a member of the administrative team at Oholei Torah Day School. Prior to his tenure in Winnipeg, he instructed Hasidic Studies at Stony Brook University. During his time as a senior student, he was dispatched to Australia to assist in establishing the Yeshiva Gedola in Melbourne. Rabbi Altein emphasizes the importance of instilling a love for learning in children, emphasizing that meaningful education provides purpose in life and cultivates moral character.

Mrs. Karina Zlatin

"I am a dedicated educator filled with enthusiasm and passion for teaching children of all ages. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, I immigrated with my family to Israel when I was three years old. In Israel, I earned a Master's of Arts degree in education and a Bachelor's of Education, along with four years of teaching experience at Yad Yizhak elementary school in Kiryat Gat. In 2013, my husband and I immigrated to Winnipeg, Canada, where we welcomed our two wonderful children: Ayleen and Ben. My journey at Oholei Torah Day School began in 2016 as a kindergarten teacher. The following year, I transitioned to teaching older students (grades 4 and up). In 2020, I assumed the role of school principal, allowing me to further develop personally and foster growth within our school community.

I'm passionate about education, dedicated to inspiring students to reach their full potential. In my classroom, I foster creativity and value every voice. Guiding students on their journey is my privilege and joy."

Mrs. Brocha Altein

Mrs. Altein loves teaching and has taught a variety of grades. She gets the children excited about their Jewish heritage and happy to be Jewish, and embodies the saying 'words that come from the heart enter the heart'. The children are enthralled by Mrs. Altein's story-telling, and are taught the traditions and customs and the reasons we do them. 

Rabbi Boruch Heidingsfeld

Rabbi Boruch Heidingsfeld was born and raised in Australia. He studied in advanced talmudic colleges in Australia, New Jersey, Israel, and New York, receiving his ordination from a prestigious panel of Rabbis in Israel.  Rabbi Boruch married Morah Chana in Montreal and shortly after, moved to Winnipeg. Rabbi Boruch has been teaching Judaics at the Oholei Torah Day School since September, 2000. Rabbi Boruch also runs the family and children's programming at the Chabad Jewish Learning Center, including the Bar Mitzvah Club, C-Kids and Gan Israel day camp. "I am looking forward to a great year of exciting learning and discovery with all our new and returning students", says Rabbi Boruch. 

Rabbi Menachem M. Altein

Menachem Mendel Altein grew up in a house of teachers and educators. Both his parents are teachers for over 40 years, and so are many of his siblings. Already as a child he got educated on many basics of teaching, most importantly the necessity of being "a living example".  Menachem Mendel was born in Winnipeg, and himself studied in Oholei Torah. At 12 years old he traveled to study in Yeshiva, and successfully received Rabbinic ordination from the Central Chabad Yeshiva. As a student of Oholei Torah, who recognizes the qualities of the school that helped him for life, Menachem is excited to pass on what he received here.  

Ms. Vera Pineda

"I'm Ms. Vera, originally from the Philippines and California, USA. With five years of experience teaching elementary and special education in the Philippines, followed by another five years in California, USA, I bring a wealth of diverse teaching experiences. Recently relocated to Canada in March 2023, I am eager to collaborate with you and your exceptional children.

Known for my hardworking, patient, and engaging approach, I'm enthusiastic about exploring innovative teaching strategies and introducing new activities in the classroom. Throughout my decade-long teaching journey, I've acquired valuable insights and remain open to continuous learning alongside you and your children. I can't wait to meet each and every one of you!"

Mrs. Manjinder Riar

"My name is Manjinder Riar, and I am thrilled to have recently joined Oholei Torah Day School as a Multi-Grade Teacher. With 12 years of teaching experience in my home country and recent studies completion, I've been teaching in Winnipeg as a teacher and substitute. My goal here is to enhance students' academic skills by diagnosing their individual needs and providing support.

Additionally, I aim to instill appropriate behavioral skills to nurture better citizens. Building a strong partnership with both administration and parents is crucial for student progress, and I'm committed to open communication and collaboration. Through my progressive teaching approach and compassionate demeanor, I'm eager to make a positive impact at Oholei Torah."

Mrs. Elana Tseitlina

"My name is Elana. I have dedicated over ten years to the field of education. My experience includes working as a full-time teacher, providing tutoring services, and even contributing as a Sunday school teacher within the Jewish community.

I hold certification as an educator in Manitoba, and I possess a master's degree in education. My educational philosophy centers on the belief that each child is inherently unique, deserving of a stimulating learning environment that nurtures their physical, cognitive, emotional, and social growth.

My ultimate goal is to instill a passion for learning within my students. I view it as my duty to lead and inspire my students, fostering their natural curiosity. My approach involves cultivating an atmosphere where students actively engage with the unknown, embracing challenges, and learning from their mistakes. I promote a classroom culture that emphasizes collaborative problem-solving and individual growth."