Oholei Torah Day School was founded in 1987 by Rabbi Avrohom & Mrs. Brocha Altein, in conjunction with others in the Jewish community, as a branch of Chabad-Lubavitch of Winnipeg. The vision was clear: to give our children the gift of a complete Jewish education, similar to the Jewish education the Jewish people have cherished for millennia. To continue that uncompromising strong chain of tradition going back to Matan Torah at Mt. Sinai, thereby providing our children with the strength and tools it takes to carry on our holy tradition in our day and age. An important focus was to be Yir'at Shamayim, a real and honest recognition of G‑d's presence in our lives. Some well intended individuals tend to try to 'dilute' the Torah to fit the modern day and age, using the slogan 'Torah im Derech Eretz'; at Chabad, we believe the way to flourish in modern times is by putting an emphasis on Yir'at Shamayim - 'Torah im Yir'at Shamayim'.

At Oholei Torah, Judaism isn't just taught; it is lived and loved. 

Over the years, Oholei Torah has built up an excellent track record. Students of Oholei Torah have successfully continued their education at a wide variety of schools; some have gone on to develop their professions at distinguished high schools and universities, while others have pursued an advanced Jewish education at Yeshivot. Invariably, our students have been integrated well, and many of our students have excelled at their higher institutions. 

Although growing, at present Oholei Torah has small classes and mixed grades; this requires us to provide a more individualized approach. Teachers provide work and material based on the level of each individual student; students thereby feel empowered, enabling them to develop to the best of their ability.

Today, Oholei Torah is centrally located at Chabad's Jewish Learning Centre; this provides for convenient drop off and pickup for many Jewish families living in or near the south end of Winnipeg.

We believe that the true key to the real Jewish future of your children lies at Oholei Torah - you're welcome to join our community!