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Oholei Torah Day School is a vibrant Chabad school filled with joy, rooted in core Jewish values, and devoted to academic excellence. Serving Winnipeg's Jewish community for decades, our families are diverse in their beliefs, affiliations and observances; we share a common vision to instill in our children the Joys of Judaism and a Love for Learning.

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Jewish Education

Oholei Torah provides full Jewish studies, from the Tanach to Jewish Law, from History to Mishna & the Talmud - all with authentic Yir'at Shamayim. Geared to students from all backgrounds, we endeavor to provide Jewish children with access to their beautiful and rich heritage with joy and fun.

Quality Education

Oholei Torah provides a full secular education as per the Manitoba Curriculum, ensuring our students strive to excellence in all areas. The learning process itself is valued - and as a result, children develop a true love for learning and the pursuit of knowledge. We respect our students and endeavor to tailor the classroom to fit each individual.

Full Day Session

Our School day starts at 8:45 AM and finishes at 3:45 PM. We start off our days the right way - with prayer and Torah study, while our afternoons are filled with general studies. Breaks and snacks are important; times to eat, play, and socialize are spread out throughout the day.


At Oholei Torah, children can join extra-curricular activities connected to their Studies. Every year, children join the international Mitzvos Chidon, where children win fantastic awards and prizes in accordance with their diligence in learning the 613 Mitzvos. There are also Science Workshops throughout the year on a variety of topics, with many cool experiments - and much more. Contact us for more!

Our Mission

Oholei Torah Day School envisions a transformative educational experience where Judaic and general studies converge to nurture students in an inspiring environment. Rooted in the rich traditions of the Torah, our vision is to cultivate a generation of well-rounded individuals who seamlessly integrate their Jewish heritage with a rigorous academic foundation. Our school aims to empower students with a deep sense of identity, ethics, and social responsibility. Through a dynamic curriculum, we aspire to foster intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for learning, preparing students not only for academic excellence but also for a meaningful and impactful role in their communities. Oholei Torah Day School strives to be a beacon of educational excellence, shaping individuals who embody the principles of the Torah while navigating the challenges of the modern world with resilience and purpose.


To apply, please fill out our Interest Form here first. We will then meet, talk, and move on with the application.

What Parents Say

“We are confident that Jewish education prepares children for a world with a growing number of challenges, and at the same time, solidly maintains Jewish identity and tradition. Oholei Torah Day School offers the highest standard of Torah education accompanied with care and attention for each child. No child is overlooked, all are included, and each child’s success is a priority.”
M. & T. Taranov
"Since first grade, my son loves his school and his friends. The Oholei Torah Day School is a great place that offers excellent Jewish Studies along with an exceptional secular education program. We are very happy with his progress."
Brenda Wajnsztejn

Did you know?

Mandatory Jewish education was instituted in the times of the Bet Hamikdash, by Rabbi Yehoshua ben Gamla; he established schools of Torah for young children in each and every province and in each and every town (Bava Batra 21a).