Match and Marry Screened at Kosher Night Out

Tuesday, 24 January, 2012 - 9:45 am

Get ready for an evening of fun, inspiration and laughter as we watch a documentary about matchmaking that is sure to inspire and entertain. Make it a Kosher Night Out!

This is the second of five memorable evenings of exquisite kosher cuisine and uplifting entertainment. Click here to buy tickets and for more information and here for pictures.

The first debut of the 2012 Kosher Night Out series took place on Wednesday, January 11 and was a sold-out event. Click here to learn more.

Comments on: Match and Marry Screened at Kosher Night Out

Nicaury wrote...

it doesn?t want any rugilioes symbols at City Hall. The city considers a menorah rugilioes and a Christmas tree secular. Wow, that seems like a pretty clear double-standard.