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Farewell Alla Golinkin

Friday, 10 July, 2020 - 2:38 pm


One of my first encounters with Alla took place in Chabad’s kitchen on a busy Thursday afternoon. There was a woman asking me to do something for her and my body language must have been screaming, “I can’t!” I told the woman I would think about it as she left the room. I felt Alla looking at me. With a warm and vibrant smile, which over the years I’ve learned to cherish and love like a hug, Alla said, “YES! We always say YES. Then we figure out how to get it done.”

This is Alla Golinkin. This is Grandma Alla by Chabad.

What started out as coordinating and preparing a simple hot lunch service for the children at Torah Tots Preschool, turned into a full fledged catering service led by Alla. Little by little, project by project, Alla worked tirelessly with incredible alacrity to take Chabad’s catering to the next level.

I remember as she would respectfully propose a new initiative. Before we had a chance to even blink, the project was in full swing. To date, Alla has employed numerous individuals, creating a team of professional chefs, bakers, servers, and party planners. Alla is a true leader. She developed Chabad’s take out business to the extent that her food is now a staple at many a Shabbat table. Hot lunches by Grandma Alla are legendary, together with her signature holiday menus and events. She runs weekend retreats for Jewish schools, catered gala events and personal simchas, all with a positive spirit and pleasant attitude. A little part of me thinks, she had this up her sleeve all along!

Over the years I had the great honor of working hand in hand with Alla on many occasions. I recall sitting for hours planning the Rosh Hashana dinner, Pesach Seder, Shabbaton and Challah Bake. On the one hand, Alla was my rock. Her confidence and years of experience made me feel so calm. That together with her deep desire to understand our vision and her openness to learn new things, made the time we spent together truly magical!

Thank you Alla.

Thank you to the thousands of hours spent in the kitchen, to the thousands of late nights driving home, to the thousands of trips to the market, to the thousands of food orders, to the thousands of phone calls and emails, to the thousands of smiles you shared, to the thousands of people who were touched because you truly cared!

Thank you for the incredible gift you gave us at Chabad and the entire Winnipeg community.

May your future endeavours be met with overflowing blessings of health, happiness, abundance and nachas. Hey Alla, maybe you can prepare the meal in Jerusalem when we will all gather to greet Moshiach real soon!

We will miss you...

With much love,

Adina Altein, on behalf of the entire Chabad family

P.s. Alla will continue her life journey in Vancouver, where her daughter and grandchildren live.


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