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High Holidays at Chabad

Monday, 23 September, 2019 - 1:35 pm

We at Chabad join you in hope and prayer as together we approach the new Jewish year of 5780.

This is the season that is the "engine" that propels and guides the journey that is the coming year. It’s an opportunity for growth, inspiration, and renewal. Together we'll listen to the call of the Shofar, taste the sweetness of the Apple-and-Honey, and recommit to G-d on Yom Kippur.

We look forward to celebrating together as a community -- and with your pre-holiday preparation online at www.ChabadWinnipeg.org.

Wishing you a happy & sweet New Year!


High Holiday Services
Join us for spirited and song-filled prayers in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We saved you a seat - no membership fees or tickets needed! At Chabad everyone is welcome, no matter their religious, educational or economic background. The doors of heaven are open and so are ours!

Jewish Calendar 5780
Our beautiful Jewish Art Calendar is published each year in time for the Jewish new year and thousands are distributed free-of-charge at local community centres, schools, supermarkets and to subscribers of the Jewish Post & News. We extend our thanks to our advertisers, sponsors and to all of our supporters. 

Leave the Cooking to Grandma Alla! 
We have a great variety of flavorful, healthy and traditional meal options. From homemade gefilte fish, to carrot tzimmis, to beef stew with prunes, we guarantee you will be satisfied! Online orders must be placed by Wednesday, September 25, 2019. Order delicious kosher takeout>

Community Rosh Hashana Dinner
Usher in the new year with friends and family and enjoy an uplifting evening of Jewish song and culinary delight all in the traditional spirit and warmth of the holiday. Join us for a four-course dinner experience that will make your grandmother proud! Buy tickets here >

Get the Kids Involved at the Shofar Factory 
Learn how to make a shofar from scratch at our Shofar Factory Open House. This is a rare opportunity to make your very own authentic masterpiece. Saw it, drill it, sand it and learn how to blow it too!

Rosh Hashana Greeting Cards 
Get informed and Inspire Others Read. Learn. Enjoy. Watch. Share. From Shana Tova greeting cards to delicious holiday recipes, our Rosh Hashanah site has it all!

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