Torah Tots Opening Brunch

Friday, 18 November, 2011 - 10:08 am

Please join us this Sunday, November 20 for a FREE opening brunch and a brilliant performance by the BubbleMan! The brunch begins at 11:30 at Chabad Torah Tots followed by an appreciation ceremony, video presentation and The BubbleMan Show! RSVP here.

Comments on: Torah Tots Opening Brunch

Chaim (Hart) Peikoff wrote...

If I was capable of turning back the clock I would have sent my daughters to Torah Tots. I attend Chabad on a regular basis and am grateful for finding The Jewish Learning Centre. I live at 21 Boulton Bay and joke with the Rabbi's that Hashem built the Centre in this location for me. It is so close. And you know, the Rabbi's say,"Well Chaim that is possible.
The young human beings whom attend Torah Tots are blessed in so many ways.
They learn our Jewish Religion from the ground up. As important, they are kinder and events like The BubbleMan Show was spellbinding not only for the kinder but for the adults present too. Well I can truly speak for myself. At the end I faked crying to have an opportunity to be in a bubble too. And the BubbleMan allowed it. He knew I was not really crying.
Rebbinzer Adina Altein has a loving wise energy that will benefit the kids too. I have seen her in action with the kids from the sidelines and she didn't even know I was present. She has a very special gift given to her from Hashem. And all the kids benefit.
Shabbat Shalom and Yasher koach to all.
Chaim (hart) Peikoff