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Shofar in the Park

Can't make it to synagogue this year? You have choices!
From 12pm to 7pm, from Garden City to Bridgewater, choose the time and location that is best for you for an outdoor, physically distanced, authentic Shofar experience.

Rosh Hashana day, Sunday September 20.

Use our interactive map of pop-up Shofar locations to help you find a Shofar in a park near you.

Six Iconic Stories, Mystical Meanings, and Their Lessons for Life

A lush garden...a snake...forbidden fruit...temptation...the sin of knowledge...shame...mortality... What is really going on?

At Secrets of the Bible, starting on Tuesday, November 3, revisit six seemingly absurd stories you likely remember from Hebrew school. Uncover their hidden themes and eye-opening insights into the mysteries of life.

~ What is the deeper meaning behind these stories?
~ How did they shape the Jewish worldview?
~ What wisdom do they hold for you today?

Sign up for a thought-provoking experience, sure to deepen your understanding of Judaism and enrich your life!

Jewish Calendar 5781

Winnipeg's Jewish Calendar is published each year by Chabad-Lubavitch of Winnipeg in time for the Jewish new year and thousands are distributed free-of-charge at local community centres, schools, supermarkets and to subscribers of the Jewish Post & News.

The Jewish Calendar features beautiful art, more than 50 local businesses, candle lighting times for Shabbat and holidays, personal yahrzeit dates and milestones and information on community programs and services. We hope you find our calendar useful and that it serves as a catalyst for the further pursuit of Jewish study and enriched experience of our heritage.

We extend our thanks to the advertisers and sponsors of this calendar and to all of our supporters!

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