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Meet Mendel and Dvora!


Winnipeg’s Jewish Community is proud to welcome a new couple, Rabbi Menachem & Devora Altein. Together, they are opening a new division of Chabad in Winnipeg, that will work with the growing number of Israelis and Hebrew speakers that now comprise a significant component of our community. 

Rabbi Menachem is the youngest son of Rabbi Avrohom Altein, Winnipeg’s senior rabbi who is the head director of Chabad here since 1972. As a young student, Rabbi Menachem studied in Oholei Torah, Chabad’s local day school. From there he went on to study in high-level academies in the United States and Israel, where he excelled and was ordained. Devora was born and raised in Tel Aviv, where her parents direct Chabad&rsqu… Read More »

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