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Jewish Calendar Campaign

The Jewish Calendar is an essential comforting resource for thousands of homes in Winnipeg. The calendar features beautiful artwork, more than 50 local businesses, information on community services, Shabbat and Holidays, and hundreds of Shana Tova greetings and yahrzeit dates.

Remind the community that your company is still here to serve your customers amidst all the crisis and chaos.

An advertisement in the Jewish Calendar is a very effective way to promote your business to thousands of upper-level consumers on a daily basis. And all proceeds go directly to serving the community!

The Jewish Calendar is published in September to coincide with the Jewish new year and is distributed free-of-charge at local community cen… Read More »

Farewell Alla Golinkin


One of my first encounters with Alla took place in Chabad’s kitchen on a busy Thursday afternoon. There was a woman asking me to do something for her and my body language must have been screaming, “I can’t!” I told the woman I would think about it as she left the room. I felt Alla looking at me. With a warm and vibrant smile, which over the years I’ve learned to cherish and love like a hug, Alla said, “YES! We always say YES. Then we figure out how to get it done.”

This is Alla Golinkin. This is Grandma Alla by Chabad.

What started out as coordinating and preparing a simple hot lunch service for the children at Torah Tots Preschool, turned into a full fledged catering service led by Alla… Read More »

Introducing Jewish Fireside Chat

Jewish Fireside Chat is a new online series hosted by the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), where leading Jewish thinkers share their stories and messages of inspiration with our community. Live webinars take place every second Tuesday at 8:00 pm.

Our Smart+Soulful summer line up includes topics such as "From Frazzled To Focused", "Immune Resilience & Wellness In The Age Of Corona", "Courageous Heroes in Nazi Occupied Poland" and "Emotional Intelligence".

Register here to gain FREE access to the Zoom meeting. You will receive a link to the Zoom meeting in the confirmation email. You can also watch the program on our YouTube channel but you will not be able to interact with th… Read More »

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