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Chabad Torah Tots is full of the kind of love, care, learning, and support that makes for successful kids

Chabad Torah Tots is not just a childcare or preschool option for your 2-5 year old.  Well, it is, but it’s far more than that.  With a real focus on curriculum that boosts both a child’s development and their Jewish knowledge, it offers something far beyond babysitting.  This is a small preschool that enables children to develop, grow, and celebrate their Judaism through every day learning and holiday celebrations.  The rich international environment and strong supports for family help us succeed in our efforts to raise healthy, happy and loving Jewish kids.

When my twins come home, they are singing, dancing, and covered in the leftovers of fantastic art projects.  That’s because Chabad Tora… Read More »

Roving Rabbis to visit Winnipeg!

As you know, a handpicked team of rabbinical students visit Winnipeg every summer to bring you a unique first-hand yeshiva experience, employing the same method of chavruta study utilized in major rabbinical academies the world over. The give and take of discussion tailored to your individual needs, allow for personal growth in a comfortable atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. You don't want to miss this incredible opportunity!

This year, our rabbinical students will be visiting new immigrant families, many of whom live in remote areas and have limited connection or affiliation with the larger Jewish community to offer support, answer questions, and distribute Jewish information packets, sharing their pas… Read More »

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