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Rosh Hashana Take-Out

Chabad Food Service is committed to the highest level of kashrut and excellence in food preparation and presentation. Whether you are ordering challah, wraps, shiva meals or hot lunch, we are the foremost choice for fresh, healthy and delicious meals. Special pricing is available for our school and daycare parent body as well as for "Partners with Chabad". Please click here for our Rosh Hashana take-out menu >>. To place an order, please email Alla at [email protected].

Camp Gan Israel Picture Slideshow

 Last Thursday, campers of Gan Israel gathered with their families, relatives and friends for the closing ceremony of another successful camp session.

With over 100 campers and a staff of highly committed volunteers, this 42nd year of Winnipeg's Camp Gan Israel continues the tradition of providing children with an exciting, wholesome Jewish experience.

Sit back, relax and join us as we relive these precious moments of joy and excitement in this  Picture Sideshow.

Scholars in Residence!

A handpicked team of rabbinical students have arrived in Winnipeg for another successful year of Summer Yeshiva. They will be offering one-on-one study sessions each evening at the Jewish Learning Centre, starting on Wednesday, August 5th, from 5:00 - 9:30 PM daily, through Wednesday, August 19th.

The study sessions are custom designed to meet your individual needs, employing the same method of study utilized in major yeshiva academies the world over. The questions and answers and the give and take of discussion, allows for personal growth in an intellectually stimulating atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. 

Choose from a wide range of subjects from mishna to mysticism, and learn how to ap… Read More »

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