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There is place for you at our Pesach Seder!

At Chabad-Lubavitch, we offer a warm, interactive Pesach Seder. The traditional texts are integrated with wisdom and spiked with Jewish humor, while the festive holiday meal is a delight for the body and nourishment for the spirit. Our Seder is English and Hebrew friendly and everyone will feel welcome. Enjoy the Holiday of Freedom with a Seder experience you will remember for a lifetime!

A special thanks to our sponsor Frank Lavitt & Ahava Halpern for your partnership, unwavering support and concern for those who are less fortunate. Your generosity will be deeply appreciated by the over 200 people who will celebrate with us this year. 

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Passover Magazine 5775

The Jewish Holiday Magazine features fresh content in a modern and professional design, including thought-provoking articles, informational tidbits about Jewish tradition, the latest in Jewish music and books, delicious holiday recipes, and a complete step-by-step holiday guide.

The magazine is widely distributed throughout the city, at local day schools, supermarkets and community centers, and made available as a free insert in the Jewish Post and News. 

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Leave the Passover cooking to us!

Chabad Catering is committed to the highest level of kashrut and excellence in food preparation and presentation. We are the foremost choice for fresh, healthy, delicious, kosher and beautifully catered events. For more information and to place an order, please call Alla at 204-339-8737 or email [email protected].

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Hand-baked Shmurah Matzah now available

Shmurah-matzah is the matzah with the highest standards in kashrut, tradition and taste. Handmade shmurah-matzah prepared especially for the seder plate, is the optimum choice for the Seder nights. Unlike machine matzah which is square, hand-made matzot are typically round and produced the same way Jews have been baking matzah for over 3000 years.

Become a part of this excited tradition and enhance your seder table with your very own box of handmade shmurah-matzah. Baked fresh in NY, each box includes approximately 7 matzot and cost $28. Limited supply is available so place your order as soon as possible.

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Sell your Chametz with us!

During Pesach, it is forbidden for a Jew to eat chametz, benefit from chametz or even have chametz in their possession. Any chametz left undisposed must be sold to a non-Jew. Click here to fill out our Delegation of Power to Sell Chametz form.

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