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Bestselling author Joseph Telushkin releases his new book "Rebbe". Order today!

The inspiring story of the prominent yet deeply modest leader who rebuilt a dwindling post-holocaust community into the most influential Jewish organization in the world, the late Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of blessed memory.

Drawn from the Rebbe’s private correspondence, Rebbe is a rich and illuminating portrait of this remarkable man who was a devoted spiritual leader and tireless counselor; controversial advocate for women’s rights and community openness; and an accomplished scholar fluent in dozens of languages. Joseph Telushkin illuminates the Rebbe’s rich private life and chronicles his achievements, from his close bond with his congregants to his influence on presidents, including Jimmy C… Read More »

The much-anticipated National Jewish Retreat is an experience like no other!

Hosted at Chicago's historic Palmer House Hilton from August 6-10, JLI's National Jewish Retreat boasts an unprecedented range of lectures and workshops from leading thinkers and experts. It also prides itself in providing fine dining options and luxurious amenities to ensure that you get the most out of your vacation. Top chefs prepare three gourmet meals daily, and stocked tea rooms are open around the clock. After a day of learning, relax and catch a great show from an array of singers and entertainers.

Now you don’t need to agonize between that relaxing getaway and that interesting course you’ve had your eye on, because the Retreat has it all! 

Together we'll spend five of the most meaningful, exhilarat… Read More »

Special event marks 20 years since the Rebbe's passing

The Rebbe's 20th yartzeit will be observed next Tuesday, July 1st.

The Rebbe was a visionary religious leader who inspired countless individuals during his lifetime and established a global network of educational, social, and religious institutions to revive the post-holocaust Jewish landscape.

Who was the Rebbe, and how did he inspire such a spiritual awakening?

We've partnered with the Jewish Federation to mark this auspicious occasion with An Evening of Tribute on Wednesday, June 25th. Attended by more than 100 people, this inspiring evening included a special video presentation, speakers and a community farbrengen. 

Click here to view the Press Release >>


With bated breath we await good news for the safe return of Yakov Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Sha'ar and Eyal Yifrach, the three Israeli boys kidnapped by Hamas Terrorists.

On Sunday, June 15th, over 60 people gathered at the Jewish Learning Centre to recite Tehilim (Psalms) and heartfelt prayer for the safe return of our boys. The event was presented by Chabad-Lubavitch of Winnipeg and co-sponsored by Herzlia-Adas Yeshurun. Avi Posen led everyone in singing "Ani Maamim" and "Acheinu Kol Beis Yisrael".

Please give some Charitylay Tefilin and recite the Shema. Reach out to an old friend or relative with whom you've had a feeling and repair the pain of the past. Study a…Read More »

Soul Encounters: A Journey of connection, reflection, and upliftment

On Sunday July 29, just a few days before the 20th anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing, communities just like ours from across North America are getting together at the Rebbe’s resting place (known as the Ohel) for an unprecedented event called Soul Encounters. The main focus will be the personal prayers and reflection that we’ll each have at this holy site, but there will also be a comprehensive day-long program that will help us better appreciate the experience. There will be lectures and workshops that explore the Rebbe’s life and his message for mankind, as well as meals, farbrengens and everything else we’ll need for a memorable day that I’m sure will leave us spiritually energized for a long time to … Read More »


Registration is open for this coming year's Bat Mitzvah Club.

Don't Just Celebrate a Bat Mitzvah...BECOME ONE!
No matter where your daughter plans to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah, the club is a great way for girls entering grade six next year to study, meet other Bat Mitzvah girls and have fun! 

Join us for a no-obligation information session at 7:15pm on Monday evening, June 23rd.

Click here for more information about the Club and about the orientation

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