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Over 30 students enrolled in our latest JLI course on medical ethics

Life in the Balance is our latest six-week course about the Jewish perspective on everyday medical dilemmas. The course is accredited for Continuing Medical and Legal Education, and can help medical professionals develop a greater sensitivity to the concerns and decisions facing some of their Jewish patients.

In the class, students are presented with different voices from the medical community as well as the perspective of Jewish law, so they can be prepared to make an informed decision in consultation with their physician and rabbi.

Our first session on BRCA, Genetic Testing, and Preventive Measures took place at the Jewish Learning Centre this past Tuesday, with … Read More »

Spreading the light of Chanukah in Winnipeg

It's all engines running towards what looks to be our busiest Chanukah ever!

We are proud of the many large outdoor menorahs sponsored by Chabad-Lubavitch decorating the city including one at city hall, the legistlative building, senior residences, hospitals, shopping malls and menorahs lighting up office building lobbies; you may even spot one of our car-top menorahs.

From preschool children to teens, university students to young professionals, businessmen and politicians to senior citizens, we are literally reaching every demographic as we endeavor to bring the spirit and joy of Chanukah to as many Jews as possible! If you know someone who can use a visit, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

For a complete schedule of e… Read More »

Poppin Preschool Chanukah Pajama Party

Come Celebrate with Pinny the Penguin!

Chanukah is a special time to celebrate light, freedom, and goodness with family and friends. 

Join us on Thursday evening, November 28 at 6:00 pm for a unique chanukah party geared for your preschool child. Please RSVP by clicking here.

We will sing, dance, play dreidle, eat donuts, and of course the light the BIG MENORAH with our good friend Pinny the Penguin. Bring some friends and come celebrate!


Chanukah Lunch and Learn Downtown

During your lunch break, why not feed your soul as well as your body? Take some time out of a busy workday to study a bit of Torah over a kosher lunch.

Please join us this coming Monday, December 2nd from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at the law offices of Myers Weinberg LLP, for a delicious kosher bagel lunch and a fascintaing JLI lesson on Chanukah called Miracles & Lights.

The lunch is guaranteed to be a peaceful and refreshing break in the midst of a fast-paced work day.

Dreidel Spin-Off for Young Professionals

If you are a young professional please drop by this weekend at the home of Rabbi Shmuly & Adina on Shabbat afternoon, November 30, from 4:00 - 5:00 pm for a dreidel spin-off and meaningful discussion followed by a havdalah service. Light refreshments will be served. For more information, please send us an email.

Canada’s first solar-powered Menorah!

Exciting news!!! Our 9 foot menorah mobile, originally designed and built by David & Michael Gruber of Ideal Lighting, has just gone green! Thanks to our good friends at Solar Solutions it was recently upgraded and is now eqiupped with solar panels to harness the suns energy.

The solar-powered menorah will help inspire pride in the Jewish Festival of Lights and raise awarenesss of Chanukah.

As any good Jew, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. It's good for our souls and great for the environment!

A Chanukah Message from Rabbi Avrohom Altein

Dear Friends, 

Each and every Jewish holiday has a distinct character that inspires Jewish life in a unique way. Chanukah is the holiday that celebrates the joy of Jewish living and the beauty of Mitzvot. The Jews of the Maccabean era would have been free to live in peace, would they have been willing to abandon the Torah and live by the culture of the Syrian‑Greeks. Their brave and courageous fight against their tormentors was because of their deep conviction to follow the precepts of Judaism.

That is what we celebrate by lighting the Chanukah Menorah; the flame of the Jewish soul and spirit and the flame and warmth of Jewish life that prevails against all odds and continues to brighten our future.

This Chanukah, join Chabad-L… Read More »

New for Chanukah 5774: Chanukah Guides!

Look out next week for our beautiful Chanukah Guides available at the Jewish Learning Centre, the Asper Campus, various supermarkets around the city and as a free insert in the Jewish Post and News.

The Chanukah Guide contains all sorts of useful information, including essays, recipes, and step-by-step instructions on how to light the menorah and celebrate Chanukah. We hope you find it inspirational and informative. As always, please remember to patronize our advertisers!

Knowledge is best when it is shared! When you have read and absorbed this holiday guide, please pass it on to a friend or co-worker who may also benefit from it. The guide can also be viewed online by clicking here.

The Chanukah guide is only one of the many ways… Read More »

Join our annual Car Menorah Parade

Share the joy, excitement and optimism of the holiday en masse by joining our annual police-escorted Car Menorah Parade!

The parade will leave the Jewish Learning Centre at 6:00 pm, and drive through River Heights and Tuxedo for approximately 30 minutes.

Please click here for the parade route. If you wish to participate, please send us an email.

Chanukah shopping boutique for all your Chanukah needs

Our Chanukah gift shop is now open! You can pick up a Menorah for $5, a box of candles for $2 or the complete Menorah Lighting Kit for $7 and we'll throw in a free dreidel! A variety of other Chanukah items and gift ideas are also available at discounted prices.

Community Celebration: Chanukah on Wheels

Sunday December 1st 2013 at the Chabad Jewish Learning Centre  4:00pm - 6:00pm 
Free Admission 

4:00p.m. Chanukah Rink. 
Bring your own equipment, (or reserve a pair of roller skates) and skate with your friends to lively Chanukah music.

5:00 p.m. Chanukah Celebration 
Grand Menorah lighting, local dignitaries. Chanukah songs. 
Followed by an Amazing Unicycle Performance, Live Music, Kids Chanukah Crafts, Dreidel Bouncer, Chanukah Treats, Hot Drinks and More...

6:00 p.m. Menorah Parade. 
Share the joy and optimism of the holiday en masse by joining our annual police-escorted parade.

Home Depot Menorah Workshop (SOLD OUT)

Join us at the Home Depot to build your very own Menorah. Sunday November 24th at 1:00pm. Click Here for more information.

Teen Chanukah Party

Come bring your friends and celebrate Chanukah.

Boys ages 13-17
Wednesday November 27th at the Jewish Learning Centre

For more information click here

Winter Camp Registration Now Open

Superb programming coupled with a warm, friendly and positively Jewish environment, has made CGI the popular choice in Jewish camping for over 30 years!

This year, Gan-Israel winter camp runs for the two weeks of the school winter break The first week is from Monday, December 23rd to Friday, December 27th, and the second week is fromDecember 30th to Friday, January 3rd.

To learn more or to register your child, please click here.

Don't be sad that it's over, be happy that it was!

The Shabbat Weekend Retreat in October at the Lakeview Hecla Resort was a remarkable weekend of relaxation, friendship, great weather and total goodness.

The sold-out retreat was coordinated by JLI, the adult education arm of Chabad-Lubavitch and a partner agency of the Jewish Federation. Close to 100 people from Winnipeg's Jewish community participated.

Please click here to see highlights from the shabbaton and the program schedule.

A very special thank you to:

  • Our guest speakers Rabbi Mendel & Rachel Duchman, for their passion, excitement, energy and inspiring words.

  • The beautiful Lakeview Hecla Resort, for providing such a beautiful facility and pristine location.

  • Our many v… Read More »

Introducing Father and Son "Beit-Midrash"

As the nights grow longer and Shabbat ends earlier, we are excited to announce a new learning initiative called Beit-Midrash, for fathers and sons or chavrusahs i.e. study buddies. Beit-Midrash will take place every Shabbat evening from 8:00pm to 9:00pm at the Jewish Learning Centre, beginning on December 7th. 

Beit-Midrash is a wonderful opportunity to spend a meaningful hour of concentrated study on the Torah subject of your choosing.

By employing the same method of study utilized in major yeshiva academies the world over, we create an intellectually stimulating environment reserved for intimate study of classic Torah texts, an experience that is bound to shape the spiritual quality of your entire week ahea… Read More »

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