4D Pesach Experience 

Date: Sunday April 7th, 2019
Time: 10:30 - 12:00
Suggested donation: $5/person 

Have you ever seen a 4D movie?
This year we’ll be hosting an activity for kids called the 4D Pesach Experience!
Through the lens of 3D glasses, children will watch an interactive video called  Exodus transporting them through history to the time of the Jewish enslavemen t in Egypt.
will take part in mid - video games and activities. In addition, d uring the video, group supervisors will bring the story to life with special 4D effects (Don't worry - it will be fun and safe).
To get your child involved,  SIGN UP HERE!
Looking forward to seeing you!
* Though all are welcome, this program is geared  for children ages 7-11.
*  Please note that the Exodus movie will not feel the same as an IMAX experience. It is a 3D movie with special effects applied by supervisors.
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