JWC Lunch time Tefillin club
Gray Academy of Jewish Education (map)
Room 410
11:50am - 12:40pm
Join your friends every other Wednesday during lunchtime for great food and a chance to put on Tefillin and brush up on your skills in this important Mitzva. Enjoy fascinating hands on insights into the Tefillin including: making your own authentic feather quill, the Kabbalistics of Tefillin, compounding ink, learning the ancient torah calligraphy, two of the oldest knots known to man, and MUCH more. 

For current schedule, please visit our
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For more information contact:
Dr. Ruth Ashrafi @ 477-7483 or 
Rabbi Boruch @ 489-9733
For information on the Tefillin Clubs at U of W and U of M, please contact Rabbi Yacov Simmondsat 897-6974