The Shul @ Chabad
Jewish Learning Centre
1845 Mathers Ave

Join us for regular daily, Shabbat and holiday services in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  

Friday Nights and Shabbos Afternoons 
During the fall and winter months, we begin Friday night as well as Shabbos Afternoon services at candle lighting time. During the summer we begin at 7:30pm. 
For more information please call (204) 339-8737 x201.

Shabbos Mornings - 10:00am
Chabad’s services provide a warm, meaningful experience for both the beginner and the veteran shul goer. Please follow carefully the guidelines for the current pandemic situation, where everyone washes hands thoroughly upon entering, wears a mask throughout, and sits in designated seats that are 2 metres distant from one another. When called to the Torah, one does not stand at the table next to the Torah Reader, but rather at a lectern positioned 2 metres away.

Although, we cannot be physically close, the welcoming atmosphere at Chabad brings emotional closeness and spiritual warmth. There is also rich intellectual food for thought. After reading the Torah, Rabbi Avrohom Altein offers fascinating insights into the Torah Reading and draws pertinent lessons to current Jewish life.

Ordinarily, services are followed by a kiddush luncheon where Torah thoughts, current events and topics of interest are discussed. During the current pandemic, we limit the kiddush to a pre-packaged snack served to each participant, social distancing from one another.

For more information or to sponsor a Kiddush please call Linda, our receptionist, at (204) 339-8737.

Sunday Mornings - 8:30 am 

Wouldn't it feel great to be able to understand what's going on, and participate more fully in the Synagogue services? Well, now you can!

Come and Daven with veterans and novices, learn how to put on tefilin and follow the prayers. Enjoy the warm, supportive environment and discover meaning and depth of prayer with ongoing commentary and explanations.

For more information contact (204) 339-8737 x201

Weekday Mornings - 7:15 am

Weekday Evenings (including Sundays) - 7:00 pm

Holiday Service Times
Please see
upcoming holiday section for special times, or contact (204) 339-8737 x201

updated Nov 2020