Purim in Outer Space 
Annual Community Purim Celebration
Tuesday, March 7th, 2023

Adult $25 | Child (2-12) $15 

Attention Astronauts, Cosmonauts, Astronomers, Rocket scientists and all other Earthlings! Head over to the Chabad Launching site to experience an intergalactic Family Purim Celebration like nothing on earth! 


4:30pm: Megillah Reading 
5:30pm: Blast-off for Meal & Festivities

Jewish Learning Centre • Ahava Halpern Building -1845 Mathers Ave. (map)


⚛ Gravity Defying PERFORMANCE - Be amazed by this skillful and entertaining presentation 
⚛ Meteorite MEGILLAH Reading Hear the story of purim from an authentic megillah, the original scrolling text
 Other-wordly tasty MEAL - Enjoy a full wholesome meal, and guess what...? It's a Mitzvah too! 
 INTERACTIVE Galactical GAME- Pull out your phone for some fast paced action
⚛ Come in a costume - Hey kids, Put on your Space suit (or any other costume) and receive a prize!
 Ha-MOON-tashen - enjoy traditional and space-age Purim treats
 SpaceCRAFT - Get it? Purim crafts with a space theme! Enjoy the process and bring home your creations.
 Rocket RIDES -Strap in and countdown for lift-off causing you to rise up to 17 feet into the air before parachuting safely back to earth
⚛ Amazing Atmosphere & Extraterrestrial Excitement!