Oholei Torah Elementary School
Where Judaism is not a subject but a joyous way of life!

Oholei Torah Day School (N - GR8) combines general studies with advanced Torah studies, maintaining the highest degree of excellence in all academic areas while instilling in our students religious, ethical and moral behavior. Our smaller classes allow for close personalized attention to every child's needs ensuring that no child falls through the cracks.

Our students perform at the highest level of Torah Studies. They are proficient in Tefila, Chumash, Rashi, Mishna, Talmud and Shulchan Arukh. If they continue their education in Yeshivot, the transition is smooth because they perform on par with the students of Yeshiva day schools. Our graduating students that have continued their education in other institutions have generally demonstrated superiority in the sciences, mathematics and in language skills.

Limited scholarships available. To apply and for more information, please contact Mrs. Shawna Cogan, principle.