Schedule of Passover Observances


2020 / 5780

Tuesday, April 7                 8:46 pm        Search for Chometz (Bedikat Chometz)

Wednesday,  April 8          9:00 am       SIYUM OF FIRSTBORN by ZOOM - contact us to join               

                                            11:17 am     Deadline for eating Chometz

                                            12:24 pm     Burn & Destroy Chometz

        REMEMBER ERUV TAVSHILIN (set aside  Matzah & cooked food for Shabbat today!) 

                                            7:54 pm       Yom-Tov Candle Lighting Time

                                             8:48 pm       FIRST SEDER begins

Thursday, April 9               8:50 pm      Light Yom-Tov Candles & begin SECOND SEDER

                                                Yom-Tov Musaf: Start saying מוריד הטל

Friday, April 10                   7:58 pm       Light Shabbat Candles   
Shabbat, April 11               8:57 pm       Shabbat ends In Maariv, begin ותן ברכה

Tuesday, April 14                8:04 pm     Light Yom Tov Candles   

Wednesday, April 15         9:00 pm     Light Yom Tov Candles

Thursday, April 28             After morning prayers at home, recite Yizkor   
                                             Late afternoon, eat your  Seudas Moshiach   
                                               9:05 pm        Pesach ends