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The Great Big Winnipeg Challah Bake

We are excited to announce that we are joining the Worldwide Shabbat Project, together with 919 cities in 85 countries!

We have arranged for an incredible evening on October 26, 2017. The event will include an inspiring and uplifting program where every woman will make their own challah and enjoy a live concert performance by singer-songwriter Esther Freeman.

This is an amazing opportunity for our community to unite together and connect to Jewish women across the world, for an evening of tradition connection, and fun! Please click here to buy tickets >> 

High Holidays at Chabad

Please click here for information about celebrating High Holidays at Chabad. We look forward to personally welcoming you at Chabad. Shana tova!

High Holiday Services

Community Rosh Hashana Dinner

Delicious Kosher Take-Out

High Holiday Donation 

World-class Chazzan from Hungary to lead services at Chabad

Zoltan Jakal.jpeg

Zoltan Jakal was born in Budapest, Hungary where he started his singing career at the age of 14. After several years of classical singing in Hungarian choirs and small operas, he joined to the New Israeli Opera in Tel Aviv as a choir singer. During this period he started to sing in the Kolot Min Hashamayim cantorial choir and started to learn the Jewish liturgical music. After returning to Budapest he started to work as a chazzan in the local Chabad shul and later on in the Bet Shalom synagogue and the Bethlem square modern orthodox shul. Following several concerts in Budapest and participating in the High Holidays services in the Ohel Jakob synagogue choir in Munich he moved with his family to Winnipeg where he continues to daven at the… Read More »

Registration is now open for the 2017 Shabbat Weekend Retreat

We are excited to announce that our annual Shabbat Weekend Retreat will be held at the luxurious Lakeview Hecla Resort from Friday, November 3 through Sunday, November 5, 2017. You can now register online at

The Shabbat Weekend Retreat is a magical weekend of laughter, inspiration, healing, and friendship. It's a chance to escape the running wheel of daily routine and indulge your mind, body, and soul in an uplifting experience that simply cannot be described. With delicious kosher dining, luxurious accommodations, family-friendly activities, and interactive workshops there is something for everyone. Moreover, the community retreat is a great opportunity to spend valuable time with the people you… Read More »

Chabad Torah Tots is full of the kind of love, care, learning, and support that makes for successful kids

Chabad Torah Tots is not just a childcare or preschool option for your 2-5 year old.  Well, it is, but it’s far more than that.  With a real focus on curriculum that boosts both a child’s development and their Jewish knowledge, it offers something far beyond babysitting.  This is a small preschool that enables children to develop, grow, and celebrate their Judaism through every day learning and holiday celebrations.  The rich international environment and strong supports for family help us succeed in our efforts to raise healthy, happy and loving Jewish kids.

When my twins come home, they are singing, dancing, and covered in the leftovers of fantastic art projects.  That’s because Chabad… Read More »

Roving Rabbis to visit Winnipeg!

As you know, a handpicked team of rabbinical students visit Winnipeg every summer to bring you a unique first-hand yeshiva experience, employing the same method of chavruta study utilized in major rabbinical academies the world over. The give and take of discussion tailored to your individual needs, allow for personal growth in a comfortable atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. You don't want to miss this incredible opportunity!

This year, our rabbinical students will be visiting new immigrant families, many of whom live in remote areas and have limited connection or affiliation with the larger Jewish community to offer support, answer questions, and distribute Jewish information packets, sharing their… Read More »

Rosh Hashana Greetings and Calendar Date Dedications

We hope that you are having a fantastic summer!

Winnipeg's Jewish Calendar is published each year by Chabad-Lubavitch in time for the Jewish new year and thousands are distributed free-of-charge at local community centres, schools, supermarkets and to subscribers of the Jewish Post & News. The calendar will feature shana tova greetings to the community and with a tax-deductible contribution of $36 you can add your family names to this list!

We also invite you to sponsor a special date in honor of a yahrtzeit, birthday or anniversary, with a minimum contribution of $100. Each date dedication will appear on the actual date of occurrence.

To conveniently add your names to the Rosh Hashana greeting list or to dedicate your special… Read More »

Introducing CYP Shabbat

We are excited to introduce a new program for young adults.

Young Jewish professionals are invited to join Rabbi Shmuly & Adina for a chic Shabbat experience on the first Friday of every month. Mix, mingle and network with other young Jewish professionals in their 20s and 30s in a sophisticated, welcoming, and relaxed setting, with a spirited vibe. Whatever your background or connection to things Jewish, our commitment is to ensure you have a place to connect with other young Jews and have opportunities to grow in Judaism at your own pace.

For more information, please visit

Celebrate Shavuot at Chabad!

Shavuos is the day G‑d gave the Torah to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai more than 3,300 years ago. Please join us this year for a fun, meaningful Shavuot experience!

All night @ Sinai is a two-part JLI lecture series that will take place on Tuesday, May 30 at 8:00 pm. Glean lessons and inspiration from the tablets of stone and explore fascinating Talmudic passages about the revelation at Sinai. Read more

Grand ice cream party Calling on all men, women and children! Join us at 11:00 am on Wednesday, May 31 for the reading of the Ten Commandments, followed by our annual Torah Tots bikurim parade and a delicious ice cream sundae bar!

Yizkor services will be held at Chabad on Thursday, June 1st… Read More »

Introducing our 2017 Kosher Night Out series

Building on the success of previous years, we are excited to announce a new three-part lecture series presented by the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI). Each lecture will be followed by a delicious buffet to nourish body, mind and spirit. Get your tickets before April 2nd and use discount code KOSHERSPECIAL to receive a 25% discount. 

Sunday, April 2, 8:00pm: Patterns of Evidence | Soups & Salads
An award-winning film from Timothy Mahoney combining a scientific investigation with a retelling of the Exodus story to reveal an amazing pattern of evidence matching the biblical account that may challenge our understanding of history.

Wednesday, May 3, 7:30pm: Jerusalem Uncovered | Scotch & Kabobs
An archaeological… Read More »

Commemorating 50 Years since Israel’s Six-Day War

One fateful week in June 1967 redrew the map of the Middle East. Fifty years later, Israel continues to face numerous existential threats.

Beginning Tuesday, May 9 at 7:30 pm, Rabbi Shmuly Altein of Chabad-Lubavitch will offer a fascinating new six-session course from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) called Survival of a Nation: Exploring Israel Through the Lens of the Six-Day War.

Commemorating 50 years since the Six-Day War, the course invites participants to experience a captivating account of what was at the time considered by many to be the most improbable and astonishing victory in all of military history.

Read… Read More »

Lag Ba'Omer BBQ

Join us at the Joe Malone Park on Sunday, May 14th from 4:00 - 6:00 PM, for a delightful afternoon with family and friends. Our Lag Ba'Omer Family BBQ is an annual favorite featuring fun in the park, tasty food and great entertainment!

Click here for tickets and more information >>

Celebrate Pesach at Chabad

There is place for you at our Seder!
Join us on Monday, April 10 at 8:00 pm for a warm and lively communal Seder experience you will remember for a lifetime! Led by Rabbi Shmuly & Adina Altein and generously hosted by Frank Lavitt and Ahava Halpern. Click here to RSVP and for more information.

Pesach Guide 2017
Our beautiful Passover Guide features state-of-the-art graphics, a light and lucid description of the tradition, laws and customs of Passover in a fun and engaging style, the latest in Jewish music and books, and delicious holiday recipes. Please patronize our sponsors.

Handmade Matzah is always better
This year we are importing close to 400 LB of handmade Shmurah Matzah for Winnipeg’s… Read More »

Grand Purim Celebration

Purim in Outer Space 
Community Purim Meal & Celebration
Sunday March 12th

4pm: Megillah Reading
5pm: Meal & Festivities

Attention Astronauts, Cosmonauts, Astronomers, Rocket scientists and all other Earthlings! Head over to the Chabad Launching site to experience an intergalactic Family Purim Celebration like nothing on earth!  

Mission Details>>>

Camp Gan Israel

 Registration is now open for Gan Israel summer camp. Don't miss the 10% earlybird discount. To register your child and for more information, please click here.

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