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Shavuos Service Times

Shavuos Service Times



THE SHUL @ Chabad
Shavuos Times 2016/ 5776

Friday May 10 8:00pm Mincha/Maariv

Shabbos May 11 10:00am Shacharis

9:00pm Mincha

10:28pm* Maariv

Sunday May 12 10:00am Shacharis

11:00am * Reading of Ten Commandments
Services followed by a Kiddush & Ice Cream Bar

8:00pm Mincha/Maariv

Monday May 13 10:00am Shacharis

11:30am (aprox) Yizkor

9:20pm Mincha

10:30pm Maariv

* we wait until nightfall to have 7 complete weeks of counting between Pesach & Shavuos.
* It is very important that every Jew, even very young
children, attend to hear how Hashem gives us the Torah.