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Succos Migration Miracle

Succos Migration Miracle

Family Succos Outing


Succos celebrates the Jews migration from Egypt to Israel thorough the desert under the canopy of G‑d’s protective clouds

Succos Migration Miracle - Family Succos Outing
Sunday October 8, 5:30-7:30pm 
at Fort Whyte

  • Make a Brocho on the Lulav & Esrog
  • Snacks in the Succah Mobile
  • Hot Chocolate (non-dairy)
  • Tashlich board-walk through the marsh
  •  Goose migration interprative presentation at 6:15pm
  • Watch in awe as thousands of Canadian Geese descend on Fort Whyte for the night

Although the Succah program is free*, Admission to Fort Whyte is necessary.

Entry to Fort Whyte, (after 5pm) costs:

  • $5 per person
  • or $20 per carload
  • Children under 3 - free

For more information, or to let us know that you are coming, click here or call 204-339-8737 ext. 202

*Please Help to sponsor this program!